Monday, September 16, 2013

Teamwork: Lessons Learned


Senior Designer Matthew Conway put this beautiful little gem of a video on his advertising blog and it inspired me to think about how each of you are part of a larger team. 
You are the Junior Class Team.
You are the Welch School of Art & Design Team.
You are the Graphic Designers Team.
Each of you is part of a larger community that needs the support from one another.
There is strength in numbers. 
There is great creativity in knowing each of you can work in a creative environment, among your peers, that is free from feeling you are being discriminated against.

Each of you will eventually find yourself on creative teams during your time here at GSU.
Being a part of team is like a melody. A harmony. A Flash mob gathering.
Each depending on the other for a more symphonic interpretation of a message.
That's what critiques are meant to do. 
To encourage one another while also giving honest criticism about how to possibly make something more deliberate. Help others realize their potential.
Take time out to assist those who might be a little behind in their work or thinking or perhaps they are not living up to their own talents.
Instead of rolling your eyes or even giggling at them, learn to assist them.
We've all been in this situation. Remember the empathy you were given along the way and return it.
Pay it forward.

When you watch this video, understand that the music (designs) you make are important to the the team. Your voice will be heard amongst the others and your investment in the group is part of your own success and history.

I hope your group of designers doesn't break up into cliques.
Instead of sitting with the same group of friends every day during class move around the studio classroom and get to know others. Break your routine. I promise it will make your design work better. I've already mentioned to you that the best classes, the best graduates, the best designers to graduate from our program are the classes that have worked together as one.  Don't exclude or discriminate anyone who might not fulfill or meet your own personal expectations. There is no hierarchy in this class. No one is better or worse than the other. 

Teamwork doesn't undermine your individual artistic voice...instead it weaves itself into the fabric that will eventually be your world.

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