Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 Anniversary Type Assignment

Commemorating The 12th Anniversary of September 11, 2001.

In this quick turnaround typographical assignment I want each of you create a commemorative design for 9/11 using nothing but type. You can use anything found in your choice of typefaces (or family of typefaces.)  It can be quotes or statistics or illustration using type to showcase how you feel about this 12th anniversary.

This assignment should be completed by the time you get into class on Thursday and posted to your blogs/websites. We'll look through them online. You do not need to print and mount this assignment.

Again, do some investigation on the event. 
Some suggestions:  
-the passage of time (number of years, days, minutes, seconds, etc.)
-the number of persons who lost their lives 
-the names of the states, cities, ages, number of families of those who lost their lives.
-the number of floors in the twin towers
-the number of nationalities of people who were killed 
-the number of days it took to rescue, rebuild that area of new york city.
-zipcodes, street numbers, firemen, EMT, rescue involved
-the number of people on the plane or the flight numbers of the planes involved.

The use of statistics and facts might just build a beautiful design that is rich in concept and imagery.  You can use color or b/w and you are not limited to anything except your imagination and only the use of typography. (this includes dingbats, punctuation, etc.)

This is our way of remembering those who lost their lives on this very day 12 years ago.

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