Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midterm Guesstimates Still Coming

I've already started sending out the midterm guesstimates and the rest will roll out in the next few days. Don't worry I haven't forgotten you if you haven't received on yet. These are taking longer than I expected but it's because I'm putting some time in each one with hopes that my feedback will assist you in some way towards a better you. Sorry for the delay.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Type Face (Portraits using Type)

Found at:

First two type portraits found on flickr done by Elizabeth:

Second type portrait found on flickr done by Judas:



found at

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MODA Presentation Date Set: Tuesday November 5th

The date has been set for your presentation to MODA. It will take place on Tuesday November 5th at 2:30p.  Executive Director Laura Flusche gave us the option to have the presentations by each team either on campus or at MODA and I chose MODA. I think it will give you that professional experience in the environment that you would normally do a presentation. Each presentation should be ready, rehearsed, and professional.
That doesn't give you much time to prepare. 
The type should be legible and easy to read. 
There shouldn't be any spelling errors (proofread and proofread again and then get someone else to proofread it for you.)
I would advise you creating 2 examples to take. One for them to keep and one for your portfolio. That also means 2 printed creative briefs as well. 

You don't have to explain the obvious to Laura Flushe and her team. 
Tell them your concept and your aspirations for it to be a document that will enlist others to not only jump on board financially but to also become ambassadors for the museum.

I would ask that you introduce yourselves or team and then give MODA a printed creative brief that is no longer than a few paragraphs. That document should have your names and emails on it as well as your creative intentions. Please keep the presentations to about 10 minutes each. That will allow Laura and her team to ask questions afterwards. Each person should speak up during that presentation. One last thing is that you should be prepared for questions. What if your concept is too expensive to print? What if your presentation needs to edited down? Think ahead and prepare for anything. Make your presentations as creative and the brochure you are creating.

Explain your concept with some true interest in how you want to the museum to find new donors and new memberships for a continued successful future. 

Look those you are presenting to in the eyes during your presentation. 
Have fun with this. It's your future.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Privacy vs Technology

Welch Graphic Designers Channel on Vimeo

Check this out. You are next. https://vimeo.com/channels/164558

Hannibal Teaser from Lauren Harvill on Vimeo.

Create like your life depends on it.

All courtesy of Matt Glass on Vimeo and also http://www.halfcuttea.com/ and glassbrain.com

Half Cut Tea . com | Dave Chisholm from Matt Glass on Vimeo.

Half Cut Tea . com | Wesley Taylor from Matt Glass on Vimeo.

Half Cut Tea . com | Kristina Gerig from Matt Glass on Vimeo.

Authentic creativity

Out of every situation,the good and the bad, there is a story to be told. Within each of us we have chapters and books of stories that can become visualized if only we took the time. Some write their stories down in journals while others compose music to tell their stories. Artist compose paintings, designs, and films in order to visualize their stories. If you are honest about your work as a designer, an artist, then your stories will somehow find their way into your work. Even if the work is commercial, your first person point of view will be delivered to the client or intended audience. You tell stories like no other person. It doesn't need to be dressed up or decorated or embellished...it just needs to be your story. This is a great example of how something intended was uncovered and became a reality. Individuals seeking a more creative life for themselves.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MODA Due Dates and ReDesign Wine/Beer/Olive Oil Dates

Thursday October 17th: Work in class in teams/working comps and visuals for info graphic.Please make sure your comps are to full scale of what you intend to print/show to the folks at MODA.

Tuesday October 22nd: We will all look at your digital files (you can post on your blogs) regarding how you are designing the informational text that MODA suggested for each of you to use inside your infographic. You can also include more from their website if you wish. Anything that might entice a corporate sponsor when Laura is out recruiting with your print piece.  Also continue working on your comp (to exact scale) of the brochure/booklet/with pages in some detail. 

Thursday October 24th: Work in class discussion about ReDesign Wine/Beer/ Olive Oil (examples and process.) 

Tuesday October 29th: Work in class you should identify at least 2 products to redesign/show name/bottle/package and reason why you chose them.

Thursday October 31st: Work in class: last time to review the work for MODA 

Tuesday November 5th: Presentation to MODA 
I would print at least 2 full scale comps. One for you to keep and one for them to keep.
Creative Brief as well.

Thursday November 7th: Full speed ahead with ReDesign of Wine/Beer/Olive Oil work in progress

Monday, October 14, 2013

Creative Informational Graphics


James Turrell Retrospective at LACMA

Saw this Retrospective when I was in Los Angeles over the weekend at LACMA. It was so inspiring to see an artist work his entire life on the subject of light and space and color. Simple and yet the most obvious things are sometimes the most complex.

Skyspace - James Turrell from Andika Pradana on Vimeo.

“A Skyspace is an architectural walk-in sculpture, open to the sky, with programmed interior lights that interact with the natural colour of the sky, at sunrise and sunset. During the transition from twilght to full night, lighting elements, programmed to change in intensity and hue, illuminate the inside walls of the Skyspace, creating a changing perception of sky as space, form, object, and void. A similar happening occurs during sunrise.” Skyspace by James Turrell Music by Mike Oldfield - Piano Improvisation

Roden Crater: James Turrell from mg on Vimeo.

Amazing Chance to buy Banksy in Central Park over the weekend

Well, it seems Banksy didn't take the weekend off after all. On Saturday, a Banksy pop-up booth appeared in Central Park, as you can see in the video below. "Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases," he writes. "For $60 each." And only three people bought pieces!
A woman bought two canvases for her kids (at half price); a woman from New Zealand bought two pieces; and a man from Chicago bought four (because he needed something for his walls). Altogether, Banksy made only $420 from the sale. And if the pieces are verified by Pest Control, they will literally be worth tens of thousands of dollars (we've contacted them to find out if they will do so). The stall appears to have been on the east side of the bottom of the park toward 59th Street, which might be the same location where he had his portrait taken a few years back. But there's no point going over there today in hope of scoring a Banksy original—he writes that the stall won't be there again today. The street prank gave Gothamist graffiti guru Jake Dobkin lots to mull over: Who's the joke about here, though? Is it that Banksy's work kind of sucks, from an empirical point, in that no one would buy it unless they knew who it was by? Or is the joke on everyone for not being smart enough to be there and recognize how valuable the stuff on sale was? As with all Banksy, there's kind of an edge to it that makes you feel a little annoyed—like he's having a joke at your expense. There are plenty of fake Banksy's on eBay for a lot less than $60, so it's understandable that lots of people passed by without noticing. But this is a good reminder that during this month of wacky Banksy shenanigans and scavenger hunting, you should pay a little closer attention to anything Banksy-related you come across, just in case. These can easily be resold for $10-20,000 each. Always buy what you like and you'll never be disappointed.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Paul Rand Exhibition at MODA

Sunday, October 27, 2013 - Sunday, January 26, 2014

American designer Paul Rand (1914 – 1996) defined design as a unified activity, based on analysis and governed by imagination. Throughout his lengthy career – in which he created some of world’s most successful and recognizable logos such as those for IBM, Westinghouse, UPS, and ABC – his design work was governed by fundamental principles that he identified in his writings, such as beauty, intelligence, repetition, symbol, and humor. Today, designers across the world derive influence and inspiration from Rand’s body of work, acknowledging that he set new standards for graphic design.
Paul Rand: Defining Design will examine the trajectory of Rand’s career in an entirely new way, juxtaposing his iconic designs with discussion of the design principles by which they were informed. In addition, short films, interviews, and examples of Rand’s persuasive writings will further illuminate this legendary designer’s thoughts on the design process.
The exhibition is curated by Daniel Lewandowski, creator of the website www.Paul-Rand.com.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Aquent and AIGA Design Salaries

Everything you want to know from Aquent and AIGA about pricing yourself as a designer.

 Great Article on what to charge as a freelancer:

You’re only worth what clients think you’re worth. Clients pay good fees only to freelances who combine talent with an aura of business know-how and sophistication. How you dress, what you say, and how you conduct yourself are at least 50 percent of pricing acceptance. You must look and act like someone whose work should be worth more than what is being asked for it. If not, and try as you may, it is unlikely you’ll ever break out of the pricing cellar.

Today, larger design firms estimate jobs based on fees ranging from a low of $125 to well over $200 an hour. The billing rate that established, self-supporting freelances charge clients is typically from $100 to $150 an hour. As the AIGA|Aquent Salary Survey documents, the amount design studios pay freelances to work on the studio's projects is considerable less (as would be expected). Assuming you have talent and experience, you should probably charge in this range or higher if you wish to maintain a viable businesses. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013


The Art of Tutoring


Great site to peruse design and here is an article written about Tutoring and one of the posters selected for the article was created by last year's senior designer Jerad Hill. Evidentally the editors found it on his behance site. Totally unexpected surprising Jerad.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

MODA Teams

Here are the teams that I have chosen to put together. The decision was based on the strengths/weaknesses as well as the various differences in style by each individual designer.
You both have to work together and each individual designer has to bring their own ideas to the design table to make this work. There needs to be times when each designer will take the lead or compromise. There is grace in being able to do both. 
Whatever expectations you have about one another will be very different at the end of this assignment. You must work together to bring out the best in one another.

You are working with a prestigious client for this assignment.
The presentation must be professional. Your deliverables will be different from one team to another team. How you decide to translate the information into a visual image is up to each team. Each team will be different in design and possibly information and size.

You already have the assignment from Laura Flusche. You already have the information that you will need to create a design from. This was explained in detail at the MODA meeting a few weeks back.

The Deliverables should be a "zine" or booklet that can be used (maybe even folded or stapled) and given to those who want to support the museum. It could also come with a poster or fold out into a poster with all the information you wish to present.

Tuesday, October 8th: Teams will get together to discuss the layout/composition.
Thursday, October 10th: Teams can work outside the 468 or inside the lab on comps.
This means how you plan to layout the design and size/scale and imagery.
Tuesday, October 15th: A Working printed comp in progress will be discussed openly in class. 

Due Date is: Thursday, October 31st.

Andrea Book and Andy Hu
 Mariana Moreno and Nick Morrison
Rebecca Price and Matthew Simmonds
Courtnie Dani Fore and Tyler Merritt
Becki Mclean and Andrew Chen
Michael Pearce and Arnel Hasonovic
AnnaKate Auten and George Baker III
Danteng Li and Mirely Cabral
VyVy Vu and Michelle Parkos
Dakota Dahl and Mike Adams

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No Class on Thursday October 10th

FYI: I wanted to let you know that I will in Los Angeles to judge a design competition on Thursday October 10th. You are welcome to use the 468 studio that day in my absence to work on your MODA project that is forthcoming.