Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Specs for Illustrative Alphabet Promo

With the deadline coming up quickly for your completed Illustrative Alphabet (Critique is Tuesday October 1st) I think it's best we spend some time in class on Thursday September 26th discussing the specs for the second part of the assignment. As of right now, the advertisement will be due Thursday October 3rd.

The Advertisement/Promotional Ad for your Illustrative Alphabet should have the following:

1. Format:
The format can be landscape or portrait depending on how you want to portray the advertisement. The landscape format might be used as a double-page spread for a magazine whereas the portrait format might be used as a single page magazine ad.

2. Headline: 
Depending on the concept for your Illustrative Alphabet you need to use some of the alphabet design someplace in your advertisement. It might be used in your headline or it can be used purely as an example. The promo needs to demonstrate what the alphabet looks like or how it might be used in order for others to purchase the alphabet you created.
Create a headline that attracts your attention.

3. Text/Body Copy:
You should write some clever copy (a paragraph or a few sentences) that promotes the new original illustrative alphabet that you have created. Have fun with this if you want. It can be tongue/cheek or totally serious..again depends on the personality of your concept.
You can promote yourself as the designer as well or indicate ways in which the concept might work.

4. Sponsor Logo:
You can use either of the two House Industries logos. It will depend on your design composition. You can also tie your ad into Facebook icon/Twitter icon/Instagram icon.
Any kind of social media you think might work best. You might also want to use their website address for more information (you can make up one where your alphabet resides.)

In the end your Advertisement needs to look professional and your intent needs to be clear in order to sell your original alphabet as a product to the public. How you choose to do that is up to you. Creativity in selling and promoting your alphabet is where the creative magic happens.  Be clever.

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