Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MODA Due Dates and ReDesign Wine/Beer/Olive Oil Dates

Thursday October 17th: Work in class in teams/working comps and visuals for info graphic.Please make sure your comps are to full scale of what you intend to print/show to the folks at MODA.

Tuesday October 22nd: We will all look at your digital files (you can post on your blogs) regarding how you are designing the informational text that MODA suggested for each of you to use inside your infographic. You can also include more from their website if you wish. Anything that might entice a corporate sponsor when Laura is out recruiting with your print piece.  Also continue working on your comp (to exact scale) of the brochure/booklet/with pages in some detail. 

Thursday October 24th: Work in class discussion about ReDesign Wine/Beer/ Olive Oil (examples and process.) 

Tuesday October 29th: Work in class you should identify at least 2 products to redesign/show name/bottle/package and reason why you chose them.

Thursday October 31st: Work in class: last time to review the work for MODA 

Tuesday November 5th: Presentation to MODA 
I would print at least 2 full scale comps. One for you to keep and one for them to keep.
Creative Brief as well.

Thursday November 7th: Full speed ahead with ReDesign of Wine/Beer/Olive Oil work in progress

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