Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Illustrative Alphabet Advertisement and the Illustrative Alphabet: Courtesy Jonathan Hart

Wafflepress Advertisement:
This is taken from Jonathan Hart's Graphic Design blogsite: 

Final Ad for Wafflepress. 

The imagery behind "breakfast" is meant to evoke the feelings and sentiment of one's favorite breakfast spot. Initially, I thought something more along the lines of Waffle House, but I decided that I wanted to show that the type could have a more special, quaint feeling. (Everyone has their special little breakfast place that's better than your special little breakfast place.) The image is also meant to highlight the typeface and make it pop out, not to draw attention away from it. Also, I wanted the food to be eaten, not beautifully presented and untouched. I wanted you to feel satisfied after having eaten a hearty breakfast. Maybe you're still sitting around the table, enjoying the atmosphere, sipping your coffee, and talking about all the great design you're going to do today.

 The Process of creating the Wafflepress Illustrative Typeface:

This is my illustrative typeface, created by modifying a waffle iron. The "gaps" were filled in on the waffle iron thus connecting the squares for making an impression of a letter into the waffle batter. I could then move the filler "pieces" around to set a new letter. Syrup was used to establish more contrast between the letter and the rest of the waffle. 

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