Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Due Dates for Illustrative Alphabet and Alphabet Advertisements

Remember that as you begin to create your own unique Illustrative Alphabet that you should be aware that each of the 26 letter forms should be interesting in their own right. Visually. Perhaps each letter form should have it's own identity (be a little different from the others yet  it should be also be in the same with regards to the family and identifiable as such._
For instance, if you were going to do a Hardware Alphabet then it could be objects found in a hardware store that are relevant to it's context and intention.  They are related simply because they are found in the Hardware store and perhaps focuses on tools or implements that people use to construct something.

Thursday September 5th-
Start date on Illustrative Alphabet (discussion/examples)

Tuesday September 10th-
Work in class on concepts (should at least identify 3 concepts)

Thursday September 12th-
Work in class on concepts- look at 9/11 designs

Tuesday September 17th-
Should have at least 5-10 alphabets in the works. These can be rough sketches/photos/illustrations/collages....but these should be visualized in color or b/w. Post to Blogs.
Discussion of New Illustrative Typeface Advertisements
Thursday September 19th- 
Meeting as a class at Museum of Design Atlanta on Peachtree across from the High Museum of Art at 2:30.
Tuesday September 24th- 
Critique on Illustrative Alphabet
These need to be printed/boarded and also put on your blogs

Thursday September 26-
Work in class on Illustrative Alphabet Advertisements

Tuesday October 1st-
Critique on Illustrative Advertisements
 Needs to be printed/boarded and put on blogs
*If I see you need more time then we can rearrange the dates to fit success of assignment.
Any dates that are moved only means that the next project will have less time to complete.

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