Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Please Read: Vandalism sited by graphic design student

This email was sent to our entire faculty today. It may or may not apply to anyone in this class.
Regardless, it's bad publicity for our program, students and department (and me since I'm mentioned in the email.)  I'm not a happy  camper about this.
If anyone is caught cutting, using spray mount, glue sticks, paint or other substances in unauthorized areas chances are that you will be expelled from the University. 

There is a place for art students to use for spray mounting/painting/gluing. It is located on the 5th floor in the painting/drawing area (The spray booth.)  Please do not use any stairwells or any other public areas for assembling your work.
"Good afternoon:
My name is David Murkison- with the Student/ University Center.  We just caught a student doing a project for a Graphic Design Class – and was using the 3rd floor Bridge between the Student Center and the Urban Life building as a staging area.    After we caught him, we noticed 3-4 other areas on the same bridge that had been used for staging…and a paint or other adhesive product was found on the bridge.  This happened a year ago, and the substance does not come off easily.   This is extremely frustrating because we literally had it painted over yesterday (Labor Day) and spent lots of time and effort and money to try and avoid this from happening.   We have signs up – which the student that we caught was 6 inches from.   
Not sure if it is possible, but can you please ask your students to not use sidewalks on campus – Especially on the Student Center bridges   for staging areas. 
We will address them as we catch them as well.  This can be considered vandalism, but I do not want to have to pursue it that way.  I know the students have good intentions, however the result is the same. 
We have sent similar e-mails to departments in the Student Center that may do have reason to do this sort of thing as well.    
Thank you for your assistance.   (The student said that his professor was “Stan”, but I wanted to send this to others just to try and get the word out.)"
David Murkison MBA, MEd
Associate Director of Building Administration
Student/University Center
Georgia State University
PO Box 3973
Atlanta GA 30302-3973

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