Thursday, October 3, 2013

MODA Teams

Here are the teams that I have chosen to put together. The decision was based on the strengths/weaknesses as well as the various differences in style by each individual designer.
You both have to work together and each individual designer has to bring their own ideas to the design table to make this work. There needs to be times when each designer will take the lead or compromise. There is grace in being able to do both. 
Whatever expectations you have about one another will be very different at the end of this assignment. You must work together to bring out the best in one another.

You are working with a prestigious client for this assignment.
The presentation must be professional. Your deliverables will be different from one team to another team. How you decide to translate the information into a visual image is up to each team. Each team will be different in design and possibly information and size.

You already have the assignment from Laura Flusche. You already have the information that you will need to create a design from. This was explained in detail at the MODA meeting a few weeks back.

The Deliverables should be a "zine" or booklet that can be used (maybe even folded or stapled) and given to those who want to support the museum. It could also come with a poster or fold out into a poster with all the information you wish to present.

Tuesday, October 8th: Teams will get together to discuss the layout/composition.
Thursday, October 10th: Teams can work outside the 468 or inside the lab on comps.
This means how you plan to layout the design and size/scale and imagery.
Tuesday, October 15th: A Working printed comp in progress will be discussed openly in class. 

Due Date is: Thursday, October 31st.

Andrea Book and Andy Hu
 Mariana Moreno and Nick Morrison
Rebecca Price and Matthew Simmonds
Courtnie Dani Fore and Tyler Merritt
Becki Mclean and Andrew Chen
Michael Pearce and Arnel Hasonovic
AnnaKate Auten and George Baker III
Danteng Li and Mirely Cabral
VyVy Vu and Michelle Parkos
Dakota Dahl and Mike Adams

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