Sunday, August 25, 2013

Books on Typography You Should Know

Books on typography you should know:

Typography for the people:
Hand-painted signs from Around the world
Daniel bellon and Klaus Bellon
How books comes with w/CD

Fly By Night :The new art of the club flyer
Craig Mccarthy
Thames and Hudson

Music Graphics:
A compilation of packaging, posters, and other sound solutions
Stoltze Design

The Big Book of Green Design
Suzanna stephens and Anthony stephens

Another Self indulgent Design Book

Things I have learned so far in my life

Motion by Design
Spencer Drate David Robbin & Judith Salavetz
Forward by Kyle Cooper

Handwritten : expressive lettering in the digital age
Steven heler, mirko LLic
Thames and Hudson

Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design
Mark hampsire and keith Stephenson

New Typographic Design
Roger Fawcett-tang

Street logos
Tristan Manco

Dirty fingernails:
One of a kind collection of graphics uniquely designed by hand.
John Foster

The Designer’s Graphic Stew
Visual ingredients, techniques, and layout recipies for graphic designers
Timothy samara

The Graphic Designers guide to pricing, estimating and budgeting
Theo Stephan Williams

Box. Bottle. bag
The worlds best packaging design from
Andrew Gibbs

Hand job: The catalog of type
Michael Perry

Advertising Now.
Tv Commercials
Julius Wiedemann
Comes with CD

Advertising :concept and copy
George Felton

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